Meet the many and varied animals of Maple Park Farm. Come and interact with the furry, hairy and feathered creatures, someone will always be up for a either a pat, a feed or a play.

Roger the miniature goatOur miniature goat

These cute little guys are Roger and Milo, our Australian Miniature Goats. Endlessly amusing, they are always up for attention and love to play on their kids playground. Bring them some freshly picked weeds and they'll be friends for life.

Willy and Charlie two of our many horses

Willy and Charlie are our Irish Sport Horse brothers. Despite being brothers they are quite different - Charlie is a complete sweet heart while Willy was born a grumpy old man and hasn't softened much since! Charlie suffered a bad leg injury when young, and while it doesn't bother him much now he hasn't been able to do much in the way of work. Older brother Willy has competed at high levels in dressage and in his younger days, Eventing (Horse Trials). If they are in a playful mood they are huge fun to watch, wrestling like any brothers.

Bring them a carrot, or even better, some licorice, and you'll never get rid of them!

Chances are that your puppies are better behaved than these 2 miscreants! Scruffy and Chasey are full of endless energy, well intentioned, but quite cheeky. Scruffy was a rescue dog, having gone through many homes he seems to finally have found his place in the world here.

Chasey is a rescue dog for the rescue dog!!! We felt Scruffy needed a friend, and Chasey needed a home, so here we all are. The moment Chasey arrived, Scruffy settled straight in to the "sensible older brother" role! Meanwhile, Chasey's running record (thanks to data from his GPS collar) is 16km in 20 minutes - at which point he took a 10 minute rest and then took off again!   

Good luck keeping up with these two!

Duck pool party

This is the Big Feather Duster, his girls and accompanying ducks. Providers of eggs and highly amusing duck pool parties. 

You'll find them in the enclosed orchard along with the seasonal fruit from our dozen fruit trees!